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Decking has been around for decades, it supplies its user with an appealing area to do a variety of different activities; have Barbecues, host parties or just have a place to relax/unwind, having decking is a luxury and in today’s competitive market it can be affordable on a smaller budget.  Decking is often used to spruce up an area or to improve on what’s already there, add some character and personality to your Garden.  The line between  and timber decking has been blurred as it is becoming harder to distinguish between the two.  There has been a battle between timber decking and composite decking for over many years.  Which low maintenance decking material choice is best for you?

Timber Decking

Timber decking is the popular choice for UK residents in today’s growing decking market. There are many different types of timber decking available with choices from untreated softwood to pressure treated hardwood timbers. Pressure treated hardwood timber will have a longer lifespan than softwood decking.  However, it will cost considerably more.

Composite Decking

Composite decking has been around for a shorter time than timber decking, but has proven to be a huge competitor in the decking market.  It is a mix of recycled wood and recycled plastics.  This provides a material that is strong and durable.  Composite decking is a popular decking type as it is well-established and is sustainable and is a low maintenance decking choice.

Aftercare Maintenance

Timber decking may require some maintenance to keep it looking great. It will fade in colour due to weathering conditions and the sun light. You can stain it or paint it; however, this will be required more often than composite.

Although composite decking is low maintenance, some maintenance is required.  Composite decking will last longer than timber decking without the need to paint and stain, but can fade over time.  Also, it will need to be cleaned seasonally to stop the build-up of slime, mould and mildew.


The lifespan of composite decking will last considerably longer than timber decking.  Making it more economical in the long run. We have found that composite decking is more low maintenance than it would be for timber decking.

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